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EDOPS Document Office

EDOPS Document Office is an information system composed of several modules and is formed in accordance with the activities and needs of the company. It consists of three pillars that are painstakingly represented.


Stubovi prava


DMS (Document Management System) is an information system that is used to manage documentation and data. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is also an information system for business resource planning. Together with design and development, DMS and ERP make a complex system such as the EDOPS Document Office.   EDOPS Solutions is one of the few companies that provides users with the possibility to run their entire business through one system, including the combination of DMS (Document Management) and ERP (Business Process Management) into one EDOPS Document Office information system.


What does that mean?


We will provide an example for easier understanding. When an invoice arrives in the company, it is mainly introduced in the existing software that the company uses, and it is part of the DMS system that implies document management. However, instead of electronic validation, the document is physically transmitted to the person who is the perform the validation, ie, to verify the correctness of the document and the accuracy of the data, and to authorize payment. This is due to the fact that the documentation is not related to business processes in the information system, but for this purpose special programs are used in the field of ERP, solely managing business processes.


Instead of that, the company has the possibility to all its operations, all the documentation together with all business processes managed in one system, it is more complex because of a lack of market information systems which integrate DMS and ERP modules, forced to their business leads by using multiple software solutions.

The desire to facilitate its customers and accelerate business and it with their level of quality and functionality, the area that became integral EDOPS DMS and ERP and created information system Document covering EDOPS Office all documents and all business processes one company.


  • Flexibility (implement all necessary modules and excludes unnecessary)
  • Scalability (ability to upgrade software solutions that track the growth of enterprises) 
  • Support (System supports the life cycle of a document in its entirety – from creation to disposal in the archives and its subsequent exploitation)
  • Management of complex documentation (combined search, autofill forms, mass invoicing etc.)
  • Assembling complicated reports automatically (read more)
  • Business in real time
  • Accessing data from a remote location (with the existence of the Internet) 
  • Business more business objects one of society through an information system 
  • Security of electronic documentation
  • Tabular and graphical display rezults searches 
  • Numerous other features depending on the needs of enterprise 


 Some of the solutions implemented so-called.  The dedicated packages are:

  • eLaw Office
  • eOffice Accounting
  • eArchive
  • eMass invoicing


Who needs the EDOPS Document Office?


All small, medium and large companies that have problems managing business documentation and data.  Also, one of the biggest problems of these companies is documentation organization (it is stored in some physical area, where there is a possibility of losing or damaging documents). Finding data from documents sometimes lasts more hours, if the data is from different documents.  When the entire documentation in one information system, with the possibility of combined search and automatic compilation of complicated reports, the work of all business processes is accelerated and the need for labor is reduced, which significantly reduces costs.  EDOPS Document Office can be implemented in almost all activities, and some of them are:


  • Lawyers offices
  • Wholesale
  • Retail Production
  • Hotel and tourism
  • Transport
  • Warehouse management
  • Marketing
  • Medical Offices
  • Clinics Various
  • other organizations




  • The program can be translated into any language
  • It can always be upgraded introduce a new module
  • Professional technical support 24h
  • Training of users
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Maximum customization for your business




  EDOPS Document Office consists of the following modules that can be used individually or in combination, depending on the needs of the company:

  • emPRO - Production module
  • emSCM - Supply Chain Management
  • emCRM - Manage customer relationships
  • emMAT - Warehouse business
  • emSD - Sales and distribution
  • emFIN - Financial module
  • emPIS - Office
  • emACC - Accounting module
  • emINF - Infrastructure (fixed assets)
  • emHR - Human resources
  • emQMS - Quality management
  • emACT - Tracking tasks and events
  • emSER - Service



Zorana Đinđića 3/2 Kragujevac, Srbija


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